Most business owners don’t understand how to use LinkedIn and just how successful LinkedIn is. But most business owners are not on LinkedIn or they are on it but not using it the appropriate way. Proteus Leadership LinkedIn

If it comes to using this social media marketing system, most people consider it as being a media site or a place to have a job. No my friend, LinkedIn is a spot that you want to be particularly if you’re in the B2B enterprise. LinkedIn has 364 million users. I’m going to discuss 5 reasons why you need to be on LinkedIn.

This platform has the maximum referral traffic out of the social media sites. Greater than Facebook and Twitter, Facebook is seen as the best dog of societal networking marketing for companies but that’s incorrect. And 57 percent of usage is mobile. This makes this social media marketing site for business ideal for B2B marketers. It is invaluable for promotion, finding leads, and creating sales.

You would like to be known as the expert in your area. And the way to do that is build trust and be understood as an authority on your industry. You can do this by sharing other people’s articles, becoming involved in conversations, and answering queries to show your experience, That way when folks become curious and want to know who you are, they will research your business and probably wish to turn you into a connection.